The Hunt For CoolCulture’s newest buzzword Cool is fast becoming the new frontier in a niche-mad world, which has major implications for all culture and consumer industries - from marketing, advertising and media, right through to retail and hospitality. The Cool Age is here. Cool has become a concept denoting a kind of elusive Xfactor that makes something exceptional,. Individual. Covetable. Inspiring. Independent. Thoughtful. Limited. Pioneering. Exclusive. Innovative. Original. Cool has become shorthand for anything “interesting”  used by everyone - from Boomers through to Generation Y. Whatever its manifestation, cool gives a brand, person, product, place or service a supernatural power to rise above the noise. To stand out in an ocean of “stuff” and make people remark to themselves: “I want that.”“I love that.”“I’m going to tell my friends about that.” Step into the Cool Age.
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